EVELYN intro


Evelyn Interview

I recently had the pleasure of watching Evelyn perform with her band at the ‘Roadtrip & The Workshop’ venue in Old Street. The night had a mix of Indie/folk/alternative genre’s but I have to say that Evelyn and her band definitely stole the night. What’s interesting about Evelyn’s sound is her unique tone that captivates you to want to listen to more. The sweet sound of the piano against the strumming of the guitar really creates a story for which Evelyn’s voice narrates. On one of her songs ‘Beauty Unseen’ the soft echoing whistle of her chorus lines lends itself to the melodic feel of the whole song. If you listen closely to the lyrics of Evelyn’s original material you are immersed within the experiences she is singing about and she has a way of grabbing the audience from the beginning.

Evelyn is one of those artists that commands the stage in a soft way. She doesn’t need a big intro or a witty welcome to get attention, once she starts singing, her music does the talking.

For more head over to Evelyn’s website:

& make sure you check out her Twitter:

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